Welcome Chow Baby!

Many of you may have noticed there’s a new business in town, Chow Baby, which delivers big nutrition for little people by way of fresh, frozen, organic meals for babies and toddlers. Our friend Michelle is the owner and our babies were born about a week apart and knew each other in utero in pre-natal yoga at Shakti. Carlos Jr. loves Chow Baby, especially the Tuscan Pasta with Vegetables and the delicious meal muffins (mom likes them too). Check out the site and their blog dedicated to all kinds of parenting issues.

Welcome to the Maplewood Boot Camp Blog

Welcome to the Maplewood Boot Camp blog. We want this blog to be a fun place for boot campers as well as a resource for Maplewood and South Orange residents looking for news on the latest health, fitness and wellness. We want to hear from you about how we’re doing.

We just finished the March camp last week and it was great. So many people improved in their strength and endurance. Doris completed her second 1/2 marathon this weekend in 2hrs 30min 43sec — reaching her goal! She said she felt much stronger and she attributes it to her boot camp training. Go Doris!

The April camp starts up next week and the 6 am camp is already sold out! You can sign up now for a new 7 am camp, plus the 9:30 am and 6:45 pm. This weekend I’ll be giving a boot camp demonstration at the Health & Wellness Fair at Columbia High School to benefit Midnight Madness. Come out to support a great cause that keeps our high school seniors sober and off the road on prom night plus learn about all the various wellness services offered in our area.