Starting A Fitness Routine

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The first week of our September boot camp has ended and we’re starting up our 2nd week. It was awesome saying hello to old faces and meeting new one’s. The first day we started off with fitness testing. Campers were required to do push ups, situps, 1/4 mile run and a 5 exercise circut. They were timed and their results are recorded. On the last day of camp we will do this routine again to compare and monitor everyone’s progress.

Intially when starting a fitness routine you will experience some muscle soreness as your body adjust to the exercises. It’s important to that you eat a well balanced meal before and after your workout to help fuel your activity but also to decrease muscle soreness and speed up recovery prior to your next workout.

One of my favorite pre and post work out snacks is a serving of lowfat organic chocolate milk. Fatty foods are slow to metabolize and do not provide the immediate fuel needed during a work out. Lowfat chocolate milk also has just the right balance of carbohydrates and protein to keep you going through your work out and to speed up recovery afterwards. Not to mention that it is delicious.

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