Today Was a Great Day!

Today was a great day. After our warm up we started off with a new routine that I learned from a fellow boot camp instructor Scott Colby of Dallas Texas. He calls it “No Gym Required” the exercises were



Push up’s

Knee to chin

60 seconds of each, 45 seconds of each, 30 seconds of each and then 15 seconds of each. These are done non-stop and everyone recorded their repetitions.

6am Repetitions 7am Repetitions
Jamie Z. 271 Marisha P. 294
Tammy B. R. 261 Jane M. 279
Doris F. 259 Gemma S. 246
Ellen A. 246 Carolyn C. 229
Jennifer T. 244 Paul S. 226
Wendy L. 242
Deborah H. 238
Nicole B. 230
Patty O. 225
John C. 218
Janet T. 210
Nnea D. 202
Shirley M. 202
Michelle B. 192
Jackie G. 192
Mary B. 189
Margaret W. 171
Elizabeth B. 135

During the second half of the session we did the “Partner up Routine”. All week we kept running out of time and could not finish it. Today we went all the way through the routine.


First round dumbbell bicep curl with an overhead press and jumping rope vs. squat jumps. The partners with most jump squats wins.

6am Jump Squat Winners 7am Jump Squat Winners
Jennifer T. & Deborah H. Gemma S. & Carolyn C.
Janet T. & Patty O.
Michelle B. & Jackie G.
John C. & Margaret W.

The second round dumbbell walking lunges plus jump rope vs. plank with a 5 sec hold. The partners with most planks win.

6am Plank Winners 7am Plank Winners
Jennifer T. & Deborah H. Marisha P. & Jane M.
Shirley M. & Nnea D.
Mary B. & Elizabeth B.
Tammy & Nicole B.

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