Friday September.28th Routine

We did a couple of different routines on Friday. Below you’ll find the results to the reverse pyramid routine we did.

The exercises were

  • Squat Thrust
  • Push up’s
  • Mountain Climbers

Campers were required to sprint 30 yards perform 10 squat thrust, sprint 30 yards perform 10 push up’s and then another 30 yard sprint and do 10 mountain climbers. They then sprint to the beginning of the straight circuit but this time they do 9 reps of each exercise. They continued with the this same sequence until they reached 1 repetition. I apologize but I wasn’t able to record every one’s time. See results below.

6am Time 7am Time 9:30am Time
Deborah H. 11.57 David K. 10.35 Eebie Z. 12.36
John C. 12.55 Jane M. 10.38 Deb G. 12.58
Nicole B. 12.55 Marisha P. 10.44 Michelle F. 13.50
Michelle S. 12.55

Laura F. 14.13

Wendy L. 12.55 Lauri vP. 15.04
Doris F. 12.55 Vanessa P. 15.11

Jamie Z. 12.55

Rob G. 15.11
Michelle B. 14.43 Joanne W. 15.38
Ellen A. 14.43
Mary B. 15.19
Patty O. 15.19

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