Team Race 120 Reps Week 2 Day 3

“Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale.”
Vincent Lombardi

I Divided the camp into teams, 3 people to a team.
Each person completes 1/4 run and begins designated exercise, contributing to the total rep count of 120 reps. for each exercise.

The team that completes the circuit first wins the round.
• Round 1: 1/4 mile trail run with – 120 t-stabilization’s and 120 inchworms.
Kim K.S.
Diane B.

• Round 2: 1/4 mile trail run – 120 side step lateral raise and 120 jumping lunges.
Vanessa P.
Michelle F.

6:00-6:45am it was tie between
Jamie Z.
Wendy L.
Elizabeth A.
Deborah H.
Jennifer T.
Jackie G.

• Round 3: 1/4 mile trail run – 120 bear crawls and 120 squat jumps.
Debra F.G.
Jennifer S.
Gemma S.

Jamie Z.
Wendy L.
Elizabeth A.

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