Week 3 Day 3

Warm up
KneesPush Ups
High knees 30 sec.
Butt Kicks 30 sec.
Sun Salution x2

Because of icy field conditions we went indoors today. We used a deck of cards for the primary routine. The 6am and the 9:30am camp was split into 2 teams then each team was split up into groups of 3 and given a deck of cards. Each suite represented an exercise and the reps were the number on the card (face cards= 10 Ace= 11) there were 2 jokers in each deck everthing after the 1st joker the reps are doubled until the 2nd joker is flipped.

  • Diamonds- Stair Sprints
  • Hearts- Boot Strappers
  • Clubs- Hip Lifts
  • Spades- Overhead Tricep Extensions

During the 6am it was an upset. Team A was ahead when team B pulled off the win in 16 min. 10sec. Also an honorable mention to Janet T., Arethea, Demethea and Kim M. who finished their deck before everyone else in 12 min. 55 sec. Awesome work!


Team A
Team B -Time 16 min. 10sec.
Kim V. Peter
Mary B. Mathe
Venus Maggie
Michelle S. Janet
Lesley Arethea
Atara Demethea
Lisa Shirley
Doris Kim M.


Team A-time 20min.= 30 cards

Team B
Darrell Jackie G.
Jean F. Paul


(diamonds were USA bicyicles in place of stair sprints)

Team A-time 7min
Team B
Laurie L Dawn
Eilleen Hadiqua
Lesley Jamie Z.

 The 9:30am finished so quickly becuase they did not do the stair sprints which took alot of time to complete.

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