Week 1 Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2

“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow.
Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.
– Jim Rohn

These are the results of the 9 rep ladder routine we did. Below you will find the names of the exercises and the time it took to finish the exercises. Each of the first place finishers completed 45 repetitions of each exercise.


  6am 7am 9:30
Jumping Jacks 1min.4sec Jamie Z. & Wendy L. 1min.14sec Gemma & Darrell Beth & Donna W.
Squats 2min.18sec Jamie Z. & Wendy L.

1min.14sec Dan & Paul


Beth & Donna W.

Opposite Arm/Leg

Left Side1min.59sec Shirley M. & Doris F.

Right Side 1min.53sec Shirley M. & Doris F.

Left Side1min.49sec Gemma & Darrell

Right Side 2min.5sec Gemma & Darrell

Left Side2min.15sec Pam & Risa

Right Side 2min.6sec Dawn S & Tom N.

Push Ups 2min. Shirley M. & Doris F. 2min.19sec Dan & Paul 2min.20sec Beth & Donna W.
Mountain Climbers 53sec. Jamie Z. & Wendy L. 48sec Gemma & Darrell 56sec Beth & Donna W.
Fire Hydrants

Left Side 1min.23sec Shirley M. & Doris F.

Right Side 1min.16sec Demethea & Vivenzio

Left Side 2min.3sec Lisa B. & Steve L.

Right Side 1min.54sec Gemma & Darrell

1min.32sec Tied

Beth & Donna W.

Pam & Risa

Dawn S & Tom N.

Chin To Knee 1min.58sec Shirley M. & Doris F. 2min.18sec Gemma & Darrell 2min.17sec Dawn S & Tom N.
Push Ups 1min.41sec Demethea & Vivenzio 2min.3sec Gemma & Darrell 2min.22sec Beth & Donna W.

Day 3

Routine Cards
I split the camp up into groups of 5 except for the 7am where we only had 4. Each team has a deck of cards; each suit has a designated exercise and must be repeated for the number shown on the card. Each person on the team draws a card from the deck and does the exercise on their own. It is an individual effort, but members chip away at the deck as a team.

Round 1:
• Diamonds = 1/4 mile Run
• Hearts = Boot Strapper
• Clubs = Hip Lifts
• Spades = Tricep Extensions
• Joker = 1st Joker everything is doubled 2nd Joker everthing goes back to normal count
• Ace = 11
• Face cards = 10
• Threw out the 2, 3, and 4 cards

Below are the campers that finished their deck first.

6am 7am 9:30

Patty O.

Janet T.


Kim M.

Maggie T.











Then that was followed up with 4 exercises counting how many rounds of the 4 exercises were completed in 5 minutes.

  1. Squat Thrust /Burpees x 6 reps.
  2. Bicep Curl Overhead Press x9 reps.
  3. USA Bicycles x12 reps
  4. Jumping Jacks x15 reps.
6am 7am 9:30
Arethea 3 rounds Jill 3 rounds Pam
Venus 3 rounds Jean 3 rounds Beth 4 rounds
Kim V. 3 rounds Steve 3 rounds Lesley 3 rounds
Jackie G. 3 rounds Lisa 3 rounds Eileen K.D. 3 rounds
Nancy G. 3 rounds Dan 3 rounds Risa 2 rounds
Jamie Z. 3 rounds Hildy K. 4 rounds Tom 2 rounds
Janet T. 3 rounds Darrell 3 rounds Hadiqua 3 rounds
Mary B. 3 rounds Paul 4 rounds Laurie L. 3 rounds
Patty O. 3 rounds   Dawn 2 rounds
Doris F. 3 rounds    
Demethea 3 rounds    
Marthe L. 3 rounds    
Kim Mc. 3 rounds    
Maggie T. 2 rounds    
Atara 3 rounds    
Peter S.    
Whitney 3 rounds    
Rachel 3 rounds    



Latest News

“Life isn’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can ‘get hit’ and keep on moving forward.”

Rocky Balboa


December. 3, 2007 9:30 am.  We are still scheduled to meet outside in the park for the If you have any questions call or email me.