Boot Camp Light Week 1 Day 2

These are the results of the 7 rep ladder routine we did on Thursday. Below you will find the names of the exercises and the time it took to finish the exercises. Each of the first place finishers completed 45 repetitions of each exercise.

Jumping Jacks Eileen, Janice & Janice 51sec
Squats Suzette & Elizabeth 1min 59sec
Bridge Deb & Ann 3min 3sec
Push Ups Deb & Ann 1min 33sec
Lunges Risa & Anastasia 1min 51sec
Hip Lifts Deb & Ann 1min 23sec
Fire Hydrants

Tied– 1min 14sec

Eileen, Janice & Janice

Risa & Anastasia

Deb & Ann


Crunches Deb & Ann 1min 5sec
Side Lunges

Tied– 1min 52sec

Eileen, Janice & Janice

Risa & Anastasia

Overhead Triceps Extension Eileen, Janice & Janice 1min 36sec


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