Week 1 Day 3

Deck Of Card Routine
I split the camp up into teams between 3-5. Each team has a deck of cards; each suit has a designated exercise and must be repeated for the number shown on the card. Each person on the team draws a card from the deck and does the exercise on their own. It is an individual effort, but members chip away at the deck as a team.

Round 1:
• Diamonds = 1/4 mile Run
• Hearts = Boot Strapper
• Clubs = Hip Lifts
• Spades = Triceps Extensions
• Joker = 1st Joker everything is doubled 2nd Joker everything goes back to normal count
• Ace = 11
• Face cards = 10
• Threw out the 2, 3, and 4 cards

Below are the campers that finished their deck first.

6am-14min 11sec 7am- 15min 30sec 9:30- 11min 25sec
Deborah A. Felicia Debra
Mary B. Maria Lesley
Patty O. Jackie G. Tom
Nnea Paul S.  
Rasan Nicole M.  
Tom W.    
Mary B.    
Venus M.    

Then that was followed up with 4 exercises counting how many rounds of the 4 exercises were completed in 5 minutes. We ran out of time so the 6am did not do this routine.

  1. Squat Thrust /Burpees x 6 reps.
  2. Biceps Curl Overhead Press x9 reps.
  3. USA Bicycles x12 reps
  4. Jumping Jacks x15 reps.
7am 9:30am
Felicia (3) Tom (3.9)
Maria (2) Lesley (3.4)
Nicole (2.5) Debra (3.5)
Jackie (3) Hadiqua (2.7)
Paul (3) Dr. O (2)
  Michelle (4)



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