Week 2 Day 1

40 Repetions

We started with our warm ups then I divided the camp into 3 man teams. Each person completed 75 jumping jacks and then did 40 repetitions of every exercise. The team that completes all the reps first wins the round.

• Round 1: 75 jumping jacks with – 40 t-stabilization’s and 40 inchworms
6-6:45am- 7min 32sec Betsy H., Kim M., Michelle S.

7-7:45am- 7min Dan, Nicole, Felicia

9:30-10:15am- 3min 30sec Mary B.& Michelle

• Round 2: 75 jumping jacks – 40 side step lateral raise and 40 jumping lunges
6-6:45am- 4min 31sec Shirley, Nancy, Ellen

7-7:45am- 6min 11sec Ondine, Paul, Maria

9:30-10:15am- 4min 50sec Wendy, Debra, Lesley

.• Round 3: 75 jumping jacks – 40 bicep curl overhead press and 40 mountain climbers
6-6:45am- 3min 53sec Shirley, Nancy, Ellen

7-7:45am- 4min 31sec Dan, Nicole, Felicia

9:30-10:15am- 4min 26sec Wendy, Debra, Lesley

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