Week 3 Day 3

Deck Of Card Routine
I split the camp up into teams between 3-5. Each team has a deck of cards; each suit has a designated exercise and must be repeated for the number shown on the card. Each person on the team draws a card from the deck and does the exercise on their own. It is an individual effort, but members chip away at the deck as a team.

  • Diamonds = Squat Thrust w/push ups
  • Hearts = Stairs
  • Clubs = S.L. Squats
  • Spades = Chin to Knee
  • Joker = 1st Joker everything is doubled 2nd joker everything is back to normal count.
  • Ace = 11
  • Face cards = 10
  • Threw out the 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s.

Below are the campers that finished their deck first.

6am-25 minutes 27 seconds
7am-26 minutes 40 seconds 9:30am-21 minutes 46 seconds
Marthe, Ellen and Peter Dan, Paul, Nicole Hadiqua, Lesley, Risa

*Note: 6am Herve, Demethea and Deborah finished their deck in 20 minutes 13 seconds but 1 camper did an alternate exercise for stairs.

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