Week 1 Day 2


These are the results of the 9 rep ladder routine we did on Wednesday. Below you will find the names of the exercises and the time it took to finish the exercises. Each of the first place finishers completed 45 repetitions of each exercise.

  6:00am 7:00am 9:30am
Lunges Ellen & Peter 1min 56sec Lisa, Hildy & Nicole 2min 17sec Hadiqua &Tom 2min 11sec



Marthe, Venus & Tom 1min 41sec Dan & Jane 2min 6sec Lesley & Patty 2min 2sec
Opposite Arm/leg

John & Whitney 1min 57sec left side

1min 47sec right side

Dan & Jane 2min 23sec

Hadiqua &Tom Tied Wendy & Chamie

2min 15sec

Push Ups Demethea & Herve 1min 43sec


Lisa, Hildy & Nicole

Dan & Jane 1min 39sec

Hadiqua &Tom 2min 19sec
Hip Lifts Demethea & Herve 1min 32sec   Tom & Debra 1min 41sec
Fire Hydrants

Demethea & Herve1min 9sec

John & Whitney



Michelle & Chamie

Tom & Debra 1min 19sec

Chin To Knee Demethea & Herve 2min 17sec Lisa, Hildy & Nicole 2min 26sec Hadiqua &Tom 2min 11sec
Mountain Climbers Ellen & Peter 46sec    
Squat Thrust

Ellen & Peter 4min 31sec

  Wendy & Chamie 4min 12sec
Dips   Lisa, Hildy & Nicole 2min 11sec  

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