Spring IS Coming! I Promise!

crocus_470x365OK, I know we’re all looking out our windows at another 12+ inches of snow, but I promise you that spring IS coming. And when it does, is your workout plan in place to have you in top form for warmer weather? We’re winding down our February boot camps – next week is our last week and the stalwarts who have come out in what feels like the longest month of the year have done great!

Our next camp starts up on Saturday, March 13th and runs for four weeks. Sign up now to attend camp 2 or 3 times a week, or for an unlimited number of times in the 4 weeks.

Groundhog Day Controversy-Who’s Correct?

Punxsutawney Phil vs Dunkirk Dave vs Staten Island Chuck who can we trust?
Dunkirk Dave 90%
Staten Island Chuck 80%
Punxsutawney Phil 36%

View the videos and submit your prediction in the comments below.
I’m a native New Yorker and have to support my local peeps; Dave and Chuck, an early spring it is!

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