Spring Biggest Loser Contest

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You could be making a valiant effort to lose weight, but if you eat
too much each day then the number on your scale will not budge.

Even if you think that you’re limiting calories, you won’t know
unless you do a little research.

Get a small notebook to carry with you and jot down everything you
eat for an entire week. Be sure to include the exact amount that
you eat of each food item. At the end of the week do a tally of
each day, and then figure out how many calories you eat on an
average day.

Review your daily entries for items that are filled with empty
calories – like cookies, candy or soda pop. These should be the
first things that you cut out of your diet as you transform your body.

To help you kick start a new you in Spring 2010 we are launching our
brand new Maplewood Boot Camps “Biggest Loser Contest” and we’re
offering 10 percent off the price of camp!

To participate, you are required to weigh in once a week every
Saturday morning starting on March 13th-April 10th. You will also
need to maintain a notebook with a food log for the entire 4 weeks.

The camper who loses the biggest percentage of their total body
weight will win a free month of Boot Camp.

I will be awarding two free camps, one to a male and one to a female

Go now and secure your spot in our next Maplewood Boot Camp
before the spots fill up!

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