Are you Sleep Deprived or Lazy!

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Check if the following describe you:

* You are habitually inactive.
* You’d rather be a passive observer than an active participant.
* You’re a master excuse-maker.
* You find shortcuts in order to avoid the long haul.

If that’s you, don’t get down on yourself. There are many legitimate
causes of laziness. Here are just a few…

1. Sleep Deprivation: When you’re short on sleep it’s easy to
become unmotivated, which quickly turns into laziness. Get a
minimum of eight hours of sleep each night in order to maintain
enough energy to get you through the day. Some experts even
say that ten hours of sleep each night is what you need to
function at your best.
2. Caffeine Abuse: Starting your day with a jolt of java may help
with your initial alertness, but the dip in energy that takes
place a few hours later could be the reason that you become
lazy later in the day. Avoid the rush and crash of caffeine
and instead rely on your steady supply of natural energy.
3. Bad Habit: At some point being lazy simply becomes a habit.
If every night after work you head straight to the couch,
it soon becomes automatic and not a conscious decision.
Breaking the habit of laziness is actually quite easy. Simply
take yourself off of autopilot and make the conscious decision
to do something productive instead – like heading to the gym
rather than the couch.

4. Inactivity: If your job keeps you in a chair for hours at a
time, and you don’t exercise when off the clock, then your
body is just accustomed to inactivity. It’s time to wake up
your under-used muscles and to reacquaint yourself with the
joy of motion. A simple way to get back into the swing of
things is to go on a 30 to 60 minute walk either before work
or after you return home. Once you’ve broken yourself in with
consistent walks, contact me to get started on a fitness program
that will quickly get your body back into great shape.

Laziness begins when you ignore that little nagging voice in your

You know, the one that reminds you when you should take action on
something rather than sit by and let the opportunity slip away.

Is today the day that you will kick laziness to the curb?

Is today the day that you will take action toward achieving your

Is today the day that you will listen to that little voice of reason?

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April. 17th- Friday May. 14th.

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