Perks of Pre-Pregnancy Workouts

So you think you want to settle down, eh? Time to have a family? Then you better be in good shape right now. Because while you know well the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, you may not be aware of the powerful perks of pre-pregnancy workouts.

When you think you’re about ready to become a mother, remember to get fit first for these three reasons.

Easier Transition into Pregnancy Workouts

You know that exercising during pregnancy is great for you and the baby. But getting started in an exercise routine when you’re pregnancy is no easy feat. To make it a little easier, you should go ahead and get in the habit of exercising right now, when you’re not pregnant. That way, your body already craves exercise, and you become accustomed to going to the gym every day.

When baby begins to develop inside of you, your pre-pregnancy regimen will have already developed good habits in you. Now all you have to do is keep them up.

Easier Pregnancy

No, pregnancy is not an easy task by any means. It can be full of morning sickness, sleepless nights, and aches and pains. However, exercise can make pregnancy a little bit more tolerable. Thanks to your dedication to working out before getting pregnant, working out during your pregnancy is made a bit easier.

Not only does regular exercise help you sleep better, but it also improves your moods and helps you block out minor aches and pains that you may be dealing with on a daily basis. On top of that, exercising while pregnant helps your baby be as healthy as possible. But your willingness and desire to exercise throughout pregnancy is increased dramatically if you begin your workouts well before taking the pregnancy plunge.

Easier Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

After baby has arrived, the purpose of your exercise shifts immediately. You’re on a mission to regain your pre-pregnancy shape, no matter what it takes. Fortunately, your pre-pregnancy exercise routine makes it a little easier to return to your former glory. Because not only did you work out before your pregnancy, but your dedication pushed you to exercise throughout your pregnancy. And now that same determination will have you back in the gym after having your child, as you work to shed those pregnancy pounds.

Is it possible to never step foot in a gym and begin exercising after you’ve given birth? Of course it is. That doesn’t mean you should. With pre-pregnancy workouts, you can prepare yourself for the rigors of staying fit during and after pregnancy, while helping keep your skin nice and tight, whether you’re about to be pregnant, are in the middle of your pregnancy, or gave birth last week.

Making Baby Adjustments

When you begin pre-pregnancy workouts, you should push yourself to your limits. As you learn your body’s ability, you can go a little longer with a little more intensity. But when you become pregnant, you’ll have to re-evaluate your limits to avoid overdoing it.

Once you begin to develop a little bit of a pooch, you may not be able to go as long or as hard as you once could. You may also find it more difficult to maintain your balance the further along you get in your pregnancy. Instead of trying to force your body to submit to your demands, back off a bit to ensure the health and safety of both you and your baby.

If you’ve not exercise prior to getting pregnant, start as soon as possible. Just be careful when you enter your exercise routine that you take it slow and with great caution to avoid falling down or pushing your body too hard. The last thing you want is to be stuck on bed rest as you overcome an exercise-related injury. So exercise while you’re pregnant, but be smart about it.

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