Investigating Alkaline Water: Fabulous or Fraud?

Is it absolutely fabulous or a fraud?

Imagine being able to turn your bad health into optimal health, regain the energy of your youth, and feel better than you have in years – all by drinking a little bit of water. It may sound preposterous, but it’s what advocates for alkaline water claim.

If you’ve ever been approached about some of this seemingly miraculous water, you may have wondered about the real truth behind this H2O. Well, here it is.

Reasoning behind Alkaline

According to alkaline water drinkers, you can’t have good health unless you have enough alkaline in your body. Otherwise, you will have too much acid in your body, which can lead to all sorts of health maladies affecting virtually any and every part of your body. The most obvious symptoms of an overly acidic system include fatigue, aches and pains, and low energy.

In order to combat these potential issues, alkaline water lovers insist all you have to do is drink some of the water they have to offer. It comes in all sorts of containers and sizes and you can even buy drops to add to your normal water to turn it into alkaline-strong water. But wait – there’s more!

Some More Potential Perks

As if overcoming and avoiding fatigue and low energy weren’t enough to get you in the mood for some pain-reducing alkaline water, it seems there are even more reasons to go for this improved water. It is also thought to help your body better use and absorb nutrients from the foods you eat. This means you not only feel better from the water itself, but your body is better able to keep you going strong even when you’re not sipping on alkaline.

Top this off with an improved ability to age slower than your friends, and alkaline water seems to be more miracle cure than common household drink. But it still seems a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? After all, if something as simple as alkaline water could make you live longer and feel better, everyone would know about it and would be drinking it nonstop. Right?

What the Science Says

At this time, there is no scientific study that backs up any claims made by the alkaline-drinking public. There is, however, a bit of evidence that bone loss can be slowed through drinking alkaline water, but that research has not been maintained long term, making it difficult to determine whether a lifetime of alkaline water means a lifetime of bone protection.

Instead of alkaline water, you will get plenty of what your body needs by drinking regular old water out of the tap. And if you feel the need to decrease your body’s intake of acid, you can always do it through a more cost-effective manner: your grocer’s fresh food aisle. A few foods to avoid if you want to reduce your body’s acidity include citrus fruits, red meat, coffee, and sugar. To boost your alkaline levels at the same time, eat spinach, peas, tomatoes, avocadoes, and almonds. If nothing else, these dietary changes will help you consume less fat and will result in better health, regardless of your thoughts on alkaline.

Battery Power

Your body isn’t the only thing that is powered by alkaline. Many batteries are as well. Within an alkaline battery, a chemical reaction is required to produce the electrical energy needed to power your favorite electronics.

In an alkaline battery, zinc and manganese dioxide must react to set the energy production into effect. When these chemicals no longer react with one another and lose their charges, the battery is deemed dead and useless.

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