Snow Blizzard and State of Emergency

We’re snowbound and under a state of emergency here in Maplewood so all Maplewood Boot Camp programs for December 27th will be canceled.

But to keep you warm under these blizzard conditions and to help
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This specially priced program will offer you 3 months of UNLIMITED Boot Camp –which means you will have the option of attending boot camp 7 days a week, at any of our two locations: Memorial Park in Maplewood and South Orange Recreation Department in South Orange.

I have priced this special program at $690, which is a discount of
more than $400 off the regular price of 3 months of UNLIMITED Boot Camp (regularly $1,101).

To make this program your complete 2011 New Year’s Solution, I am
bundling it with these FREE extra bonuses (value $60):

* Yoga Mat
* Self Massaging Foam Roller
* The Game On! Diet Challenge Nutrition program

And for a limited time, I’m adding the extra incentive of an
additional 20% off the already discounted price of $690.

Sign up now using the code 2k11resolutions before 11:59 pm Jan 1st to claim an additional 20% discount ($138 savings) and pay only $552 for 3 months of UNLIMITED Boot Camp!

Sign up here.

Thank you for an incredible year. I’m looking forward to another AWESOME KICK A** YEAR!

Bedtime Skin Care

What you can do before settling down for the night to ensure the best skin possible.

During the day, your skin takes a beating. From the wind, the sun, and the elements outdoors to the dry heat found indoors, your skin faces all sorts of foes. Thankfully, you have a few hours every day during which you can give your skin the love and care it requires to look its best. Wondering when these hours occur? They’re at night, as you sleep.

If you want to give your skin a helping hand as you catch some Zs, give these tips a try before hitting the hay tonight, tomorrow night, and every night.

Sleepy Face Tip 1: Moisten Your Mug

Remember all the ways you challenged your skin during the day? Make it up to your face and the rest of your epidermis with a good moisturizing lotion at night. Go with a moisturizer that contains retinol or peptides to give your skin a helping hand in the restoration process. Do it every night and your skin will feel fantastic in the morning and look great throughout the day.

Sleepy Face Tip 2: Wash It Off

Regardless of how hard your day may be, you should never go to bed with a face full of makeup. Give your face the chance to rejuvenate by wiping all the products off your face you applied in the morning and afternoon. Just be sure to avoid harsh soaps that will rob your skin of its natural moisture. Instead, go with a two-in-one face wash that also contains moisturizer. With this, you let your face breathe by removing your makeup and give your moisturizer a bit of help at the same time. You may also consider towelettes made specifically for removing makeup, as they, too, gently remove unwanted makeup residue from your skin.

Sleepy Face Tip 3: Rest Well

The process of sleeping is itself helpful to your skin’s health. As you sleep, the dead cells on the surface of your skin are replaced by new, fresh, vibrant cells. In order to have the greatest number of dead cells replaced, you’ll need to get as much deep sleep as possible. Help yourself to better sleep by eating your last bite a few hours before bedtime, taking a warm shower, following a bedtime routine that lets your brain know what time it is, and writing down your to-do list for tomorrow in order to prevent yourself from worrying your way out of good sleep.

Sleepy Face Tip 4: Face the Ceiling

You’ve removed all the makeup from your face and have walked yourself through your bedtime routine. It’s now time to go to sleep. But don’t just toss your body in the bed any old way. If you really want to go the extra mile to help your skin look its best-particularly the skin on your face-there is one more thing you’ll need to sleep on your back with your face looking directly at the ceiling. It may seem silly, but there may be dirt and grime hidden on your pillowcase that will keep your face from looking its best. Have a passion for sleeping on your side? Be sure to keep your pillowcase clean!

Good Morning, Good Skin

As you know, good skin takes around-the-clock care. Following a good night of skin-rejuvenating sleep, you should take steps to help your skin in the morning.

For the best skin from the moment you wake up, start the day with a light cleansing of your face. If you use makeup, go for something that won’t clog up your skin’s pores. You should also spend some time moisturizing in the morning. Go for moisturizer that includes sun block and you’ll double your skin’s protection throughout the day!

Healthy Cooking for 1 or 2

Because coming up with healthy meals for one or two people isn’t always easy.

Whether you’re a bachelor, bahelorette, newlywed, or are spending a weekend on your own, the idea of cooking for yourself or you and just one other person can be frustrating. You don’t want to wind up with tons of leftovers you’ll never eat, so you wind up at the fast-food place again.

But if you want to eat better by cooking for one or two, there is hope! Read on to get some tips on cooking for the smallest of groups without winding up with enough leftovers to feed the entire neighborhood.

Think Ahead

The bane of any cook’s existence is figuring out what to cook at the last minute. Avoid this problem and the subsequent trip to a restaurant by planning your meals a week in advance. Once you have your meals planned out, head to the grocery store and buy everything you’ll need for the week.

Not planning to eat all that broccoli during one meal? Get ready to eat some of it in the coming days. But it doesn’t have to be eaten as leftovers warmed up in the microwaves. Instead, find a complementary recipe that could use a bit of broccoli. This way, you use everything you cook, but it doesn’t always take on its original form and result in you getting burnt out on broccoli.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. – George Bernard Shaw

Divide and Conquer

Ideally, your meals will use the entire piece of meat, bag of bread, head of vegetable, and package of other ingredients you use. However, when you’re cooking for one or two, this isn’t always possible. To avoid having excess food you can’t use but have already cooked, split up foods before cooking.

For perishable items, a sealing plastic bag should prevent it from going bad in the freezer for a few days or even a week or two. Non-perishables can be preserved with greater ease, but should be eaten fairly soon after opening.

Get Creative and Social

Doing anything day after day can get a bit tiring. Keep your kitchen prowess from growing dull by changing things up now and then. Grab a new recipe book (there are even some custom made for cooking for one or two people) and give some new recipes a shot. When you’re not quite hungry for a big meal, take advantage of your decreased hunger and go for a healthy snack. This allows you minimal preparation and absorbs even less of your daily calorie count.

Or you can make things more exciting by cooking bigger portions. Of course, to do this, you’ll want to have more people on hand to avoid an overabundance of food. So invite your friends over to try your new favorite dish. Or make it easier on yourself by inviting them over for a potluck dinner. You supply the main dish and your friends provide the rest! Still have more food leftover than you can possibly eat on your own? Become a hit at the office by supplying lunch for your coworkers once or twice a week. Before you know it, you’ll be the most popular person at work.

Welcome Cans

Yes, eating only fresh, whole foods is the best way to provide the best nutrients for your body. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid canned or frozen foods altogether.

In fact, if you choose wisely, you can have a very healthy meal that makes use of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables. Going beyond things fresh allows you to save precious time, while making it easier to keep your diet well rounded and full of the colorful foods you need to maintain your good health.

Cream of the Crop

Any nut is a good nut. But some nuts are better than others. If you’re in the market for the healthiest nuts out there, go for walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, or even peanuts, which are not actually nuts but are legumes. A handful a day should do the trick. Two handfuls will get you even better results.

And remember that even though it ends in the word “nut,” coconut is not actually a nut and is jam-packed with that saturated fat that is suspected to be the cause of many a heart attack.

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In addition to the huge savings, purchasing boot camp in advance is one of the best ways to guarantee that you will look better in 2011 than you did in 2010.

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Boot camps are held 7 days a week at 6 and 9:30 am on Mon, Wed and Fri at Memorial Park in Maplewood, on Tues and Thurs at 9:30 am at the Baird Center in South Orange and on Sat and Sun at 8:30 am in Memorial Park in Maplewood.

Amazing Health Benefits of Nuts

Why you should eat more of this crunchy food on a daily basis.

They taste great, are perfect for snacking on the road or for a quick snack, and come in such a variety of flavors that it’s impossible to get bored with them. But did you know that nuts also offer an amazing array of health benefits as well?

If you’ve been looking for a way to boost and protect your good health for the long run, you just hit the jackpot.


One of the most touted benefits of nuts is the amazing amount of protein found in each and every nut. When your body has sufficient protein, it builds new body tissue and helps damaged tissue heal easier, regulates your body’s functions, helps you fend off an array of diseases, and gives you an added boost of energy to get through the day with a pep in your step.

Keep ‘Em Natural – Want to boost your overall health with nuts? Make sure you do it the right way. While you may reap some benefit from sugar-, salt-, or chocolate-covered nuts, the added flavors may do more harm than good.


As an educated, health-conscious individual, you know that all fats are not created equal. Take the fat found in nuts for example. Nearly 80 percent of some nuts are nothing but fat, but fear not, for the fat isn’t the frightening saturated type. It’s unsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids. In other words, it’s the exact kind of fat you need to stay strong and healthy.


In case you haven’t heard, nuts are a great treat to improve your heart health. One of the main reasons is the power that unsaturated fat has to lower your overall cholesterol levels. At the same time it’s lowering your bad cholesterol, that handful of nuts is also reducing your risk for a dangerous or deadly blood clot.


Most often thought of in whole grains, fiber is also abundant in practically any nut you can find on the shelf. And fiber does more than just keep your bowels regular. Researchers also suspect that adequate fiber helps you avoid the potentially debilitating disease of diabetes. It is unknown how the connection works, but there seems to be a strong relationship between fiber and decreased diabetes.


Found in a variety of foods, antioxidants help prevent runaway molecules from damaging cells, a process that can lead to various cancers and other diseases. Nuts that contain the highest levels of antioxidants include chestnuts, walnuts, and pecans. However, most types of nuts have some antioxidants, so feel free to eat whatever nuts you can get your hands on!


Nuts are also filled with all sorts of helpful vitamins and minerals. What can you pick up by picking up a handful of nuts today? How about folate, niacin, and riboflavin? Vitamins B and E? Selenium, iron, magnesium, and more? Not bad, eh? So instead of running away from nuts because they have a little fat, remember that the fat in a handful of nuts is healthy for you and comes with tons of other great health benefits!

Cream of the Crop

Any nut is a good nut. But some nuts are better than others. If you’re in the market for the healthiest nuts out there, go for walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, or even peanuts, which are not actually nuts but are legumes. A handful a day should do the trick. Two handfuls will get you even better results.

And remember that even though it ends in the word “nut,” coconut is not actually a nut and is jam-packed with that saturated fat that is suspected to be the cause of many a heart attack.

Lose Lots of Weight (Safely)

Need to shed 100 pounds? You don’t have to go into the operating room.

Everybody has a different plan for losing weight. But no matter what diet pro you ask, they’ll all agree on a few tips that will help you lose lots of weight without putting your health in jeopardy.
So if you’re ready to transform your body into the sleek and slim shape you’ve been dreaming about, start reading and prepare to change your life.

Get Medical Before, During, and After

Losing lots of weight shouldn’t be done alone. You’ll need the support of your physician as you’re on your journey. There are many reasons to stay in touch with your doctor throughout the weight-loss process. First, your physician can work with you to determine which weight-loss strategies will best meet your needs. Your doctor can also help you adjust to your new body. If you’ve been living with lots of extra weight for a long time, the weight-loss process can be shocking to your body. By keeping your doctor by your side, you’ll be able to make sense of any unexpected reaction your body may have to thinning down.

Cut Back on Your Meal Plan

Being overweight or obese comes about for a number of reasons. One of the most common is overeating. To battle this obstacle to your thinner future self, you’ll have to cut out some of the food you consume during the day. Start with a goal of reducing your caloric intake by 250 or 500 calories a day. If the thought of tracking calories is overwhelming, do something a little easier, like cutting out dessert after dinner. It may not add up to 250 calories, but it’s a start. And every bite you don’t take counts.

Listen to Your Body

Once you get used to eating fewer calories, you can begin to consider a more difficult step: listening to your stomach. While you may have grown accustomed to eating thousands of calories every day, your body doesn’t need that extra food to function. Actually, those extra calories do nothing but slow your body down and put your entire body in danger of bad health. Begin paying attention to your body’s signals and stop eating when your stomach says, “Full!”

Exercise with Fervor

In addition to cutting back on the amount of calories you eat, you’ll have to beef up your exercise regimen to shed pounds quickly. Not currently in any kind of exercise program? Then you’ll see dramatic results when you begin.

Regardless, you can expect to lose a lot of pounds in the blink of an eye if you have the time and dedication required. For the most rapid weight loss, get a personal trainer and spend a minimum of an hour every day working out intensely in the gym. For slower, more methodical weight loss, shoot for 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week.

If You Crash, You’ll Burn

Most overweight and obese individuals have tried multiple crash diets. Unfortunately, as you may know, crash diets usually have the same result: you get burned. When you’re serious about losing lots of weight, a crash diet may be appealing. But beware: Diets that sound too good to be true usually are. And if you find a diet that doesn’t require a lot of sacrifice on your part-careful watching over your calorie intake and plenty of exercise-it is, indeed, too good to be true.

Calorie Counting by the Pound

So you want to start counting calories, but you’re not sure what a good goal should be. A great way to have a ballpark estimate of your ideal caloric intake is to take your weight in pounds and multiple it by seven. This number is the amount of calories you should eat every day.

Once you know this number, you can work with your physician or a dietitian to determine the best way to spend these calories.

Eat for Your Heart

The heart is one of your most necessary muscles. Okay, it’s the most important one you have. Because as soon as it stops beating, you cease to exist. But if you’re like many people, you don’t treat it with the respect it deserves.

How can you show more appreciation for your heart? By eating the right foods.

Fat and Cholesterol, Be Gone!

Heart disease occurs when your body contains so much cholesterol and fat that it builds up on your artery walls and prevents sufficient blood flow to pass through. When this happens, the result is often heart attack. As your intake of fat and cholesterol is largely responsible for your risk for heart disease, reducing your intake of both will help your heart today and well into the future.

To do this, you’ll want to avoid shortening, margarine, and butter, which all contain saturated fats and trans fats. You should also seek meat with no more than 10 percent fat and look for low-fat and low-cholesterol alternatives to some of your favorite foods.

Get Plenty of Plants

It’s a rare thing to hear of the dangers of eating some sort of plant food. Know why? Because for the most part, plants-whether fruits or vegetables-are extremely safe and healthy for you to consume.

So if you want to eat a diet that does your heart good, you’ll need to fill it up with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Just be careful that your fruits and veggies come to you the way Mother Nature intended. Because as tasty as added ingredients may be, canned fruit that is steeped in sugary syrup, vegetables ladled with processed cheese or creamy sauces, fruit topped with sugar, and fried vegetables all have the potential to do more harm than good.

A Side of Exercise. Want your heart-healthy diet to go the distance? You can’t depend only on what you put in your mouth. You’ll also need to couple your eating efforts with a healthy dose of exercise. Shoot for at least 30 minutes most days of the week, and your food will be better able to do its heart-protecting duty.

Grab the Grain

Many types of grain products are good for your overall health and are therefore good for your heart. The best of the best when it comes to adding grains to your diet for better heart health include the following:

  • whole-grain bread
  • whole-grain pasta
  • whole-grain flour
  • whole-grain (brown) rice
  • oatmeal

While chewing on these healthy grains, you’ll want to avoid some others. White flour and bread, pies and cakes, doughnuts and biscuits, and muffins and granola bars should all be avoided. Even though some of them may seem healthy, they often have enough sugar or additives to destroy any potential benefit.

Avoid Salt

Your body needs salt to function properly. But if you get too much of the flavoring substance, you will immediately increase your risk for high blood pressure. While high blood pressure by itself isn’t necessarily too frightening, it does contribute to your heart disease risk.

Avoid too much salt by not adding salt to your food until you’ve tasted it, eating less prepackaged food, and choosing low-sodium foods. In addition, you can reduce the amount of salt you eat by trying out different spices and herbs in the place of salt, not using soy sauce or canned soups with your meals, and eating fresh foods whenever possible.

Size It Up

As hard as you try, everything you eat won’t be beneficial to your heart. Thankfully you can prevent these foods from doing much damage by watching how much you eat. Instead of eating until you’re so full you feel you’re going to bust, eat slowly and chew each bite well. Once you feel the first hints of fullness, put down your fork and call it quits. By doing this, you’ll avoid eating too much of anything bad and avoid becoming overweight, another risk factor for heart disease.

Avoid these Exercises

Six common exercises that will make you hurt for an uncommonly long time.

“No pain, no gain.” In most cases, the saying is true. But that’s not always the case in the weight room. In fact, some exercise-induced pain can put you on the injured list and the sidelines for a long time to come. So before you jump into the gym with a no-holds-bar attitude, remember which exercises to avoid.

#1: Behind-the-Head Military Press

It looks good when done properly, but rarely is. By doing this exercise with incorrect posture and technique, you run the risk of painful pinching and inflammation of the shoulder tendons. In rare cases, you may even suffer a tear in the rotator cuff. The same danger is present in other behind-the-head exercises, so be cautious any time you have weights in your hands and your hands are positioned behind your head.

2: Extended Bend Leg Presses

If done properly, there is nothing wrong with leg presses. The problem comes when you overzealously or ignorantly bend your legs too much. In order to get a good workout without causing damage to your back and knees, avoid bending your legs at the knee more than 90 degrees. If you have a hard time keeping your knees from slamming against your chest, reduce the weight your pushing until you have better control.

3: On Your Back

There are a number of exercises that require you to lie on your back with your feet in the air. Whether going head under heels until your feet touch the ground behind your head or pretending to ride a bicycle in the air with your back on the ground, be cautious before getting started. These exercises cause unnecessary strain on the neck’s nerves and ligaments and spine and can result in long-term, irreversible damage.

4: Upright Rowing

Like the behind-the-head military press, lifting weights (not curling, but pulling) toward your chin can cause shoulder impingement and other damage to nerves in the shoulder.

5: Sloppy Stair Steppers

After spending 30 minutes on the stair stepper or stationary bike, you may have the urge to lean on the machine’s handles. Don’t! Doing so may make you feel slightly relieved, but the benefits are only temporary. If you’re not careful, you could hurt your elbows, shoulders, and even spine. On top of that, your lack of posture prevents your body from the workout it deserves.

6: Overkill on Anything

Want to get great abs? Do work on the bench press. Want to sculpt your triceps? Do some squats. By putting all of your attention on a certain muscle, you run the risk of ignoring your other muscles and suffering future injury in these ignored muscles. There’s nothing wrong with targeting a muscle or muscle group for improvement. Just remember the rest of your body needs some attention also.

Too Much Weight Belt?

Growing up, you watched the heavy lifters wearing what appeared to be a professional wrestling belt. You knew when it was your time to hit the gym, you’d have one of those belts for yourself. And since the first day you started pumping iron, you’ve kept your trusty leather weight belt strapped firmly around your waist. Because while it may not look great, it keeps you safe, and safe is the best way to be. Right?

For the most part, yes. But there is something you should know about that sweat-stained weight belt: it may be keeping you from getting a full body workout. Yes, it keeps you from messing up your body, but if used in excess, it may also prevent your core muscles from having to work as hard as needed to keep them strong. But have no fear-you don’t have to toss your treasured belt in the trash. Just don’t use it unless you have a medical reason or you’re doing some exceptionally heavy lifting.

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We are excited to let you know that you can now check in at Maplewood Boot Camp on Facebook Places.

It’s easy… when you show up for camp, just check into Maplewood Boot Camp on Facebook Places and start earning points for special promos and giveaways. Now through December 13th when you check in we’ll donate $1 to the SOMA Parenting Center Toy Drive.

Just a reminder that we are collecting toys for our 2nd Annual Maplewood Boot Camp Holiday Toy Drive now through December 13th.  One age group that is in need of toys is the 10 – 15 year old boys set.  Examples of toys for this group include sports equipment, strategy games like Battleship and remote control cars.

To say thank you for your donation, anyone who brings a new, unwrapped toy can attend a week of boot camp for free.

All of the toys collected with be donated to the Parenting Center of Maplewood South Orange School District which services families in our area. Last holiday season, bundles of toys were donated to more than 145 families in need from the South Orange-Maplewood School District.

Let’s work together to make a difference again this year to help our neighbors this holiday season.