Bedtime Skin Care

What you can do before settling down for the night to ensure the best skin possible.

During the day, your skin takes a beating. From the wind, the sun, and the elements outdoors to the dry heat found indoors, your skin faces all sorts of foes. Thankfully, you have a few hours every day during which you can give your skin the love and care it requires to look its best. Wondering when these hours occur? They’re at night, as you sleep.

If you want to give your skin a helping hand as you catch some Zs, give these tips a try before hitting the hay tonight, tomorrow night, and every night.

Sleepy Face Tip 1: Moisten Your Mug

Remember all the ways you challenged your skin during the day? Make it up to your face and the rest of your epidermis with a good moisturizing lotion at night. Go with a moisturizer that contains retinol or peptides to give your skin a helping hand in the restoration process. Do it every night and your skin will feel fantastic in the morning and look great throughout the day.

Sleepy Face Tip 2: Wash It Off

Regardless of how hard your day may be, you should never go to bed with a face full of makeup. Give your face the chance to rejuvenate by wiping all the products off your face you applied in the morning and afternoon. Just be sure to avoid harsh soaps that will rob your skin of its natural moisture. Instead, go with a two-in-one face wash that also contains moisturizer. With this, you let your face breathe by removing your makeup and give your moisturizer a bit of help at the same time. You may also consider towelettes made specifically for removing makeup, as they, too, gently remove unwanted makeup residue from your skin.

Sleepy Face Tip 3: Rest Well

The process of sleeping is itself helpful to your skin’s health. As you sleep, the dead cells on the surface of your skin are replaced by new, fresh, vibrant cells. In order to have the greatest number of dead cells replaced, you’ll need to get as much deep sleep as possible. Help yourself to better sleep by eating your last bite a few hours before bedtime, taking a warm shower, following a bedtime routine that lets your brain know what time it is, and writing down your to-do list for tomorrow in order to prevent yourself from worrying your way out of good sleep.

Sleepy Face Tip 4: Face the Ceiling

You’ve removed all the makeup from your face and have walked yourself through your bedtime routine. It’s now time to go to sleep. But don’t just toss your body in the bed any old way. If you really want to go the extra mile to help your skin look its best-particularly the skin on your face-there is one more thing you’ll need to sleep on your back with your face looking directly at the ceiling. It may seem silly, but there may be dirt and grime hidden on your pillowcase that will keep your face from looking its best. Have a passion for sleeping on your side? Be sure to keep your pillowcase clean!

Good Morning, Good Skin

As you know, good skin takes around-the-clock care. Following a good night of skin-rejuvenating sleep, you should take steps to help your skin in the morning.

For the best skin from the moment you wake up, start the day with a light cleansing of your face. If you use makeup, go for something that won’t clog up your skin’s pores. You should also spend some time moisturizing in the morning. Go for moisturizer that includes sun block and you’ll double your skin’s protection throughout the day!

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