Get Fit this Spring with a Free Week of Maplewood Boot Camp

Our winter camps have officially ended and we are gearing up for our official spring season kick off, March 19- April 15.

To help you get a headstart with your fitness this spring we are offering a FREE BONUS Week.  Everyone is welcome to attend; the curious that have never tried Maplewood Boot Camps, inactive campers wanting a kickstart and active campers who just can’t get enough.

The more the merrier so please come on down, invite your friends and lets have some fun while we get fit outdoors.

FREE BONUS Week Schedule March 12th through March 18th

Sat & Sun Memorial Park Maplewood

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Memorial Park Maplewood

Tuesday and Thursday South Orange Batting Cages

If you are new to Maplewood Boot Camps or just haven’t been to camp in a while and want to participate shoot me an email at and I will send you a confirmation.

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