7 Vacation Slim Down Tricks

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7 Vacation Slim Down Tricks

Does your upcoming vacation have you worried about your waistline? You should be.

The average person gains almost a pound a day while on vacation.

But that doesn’t have to be you. Most of the time extra pounds sneak up
on you when you least expect it, so decide right here and now that your
vacation will leave you slimmer than when you left.

All you have to do is have a plan.

As you embark on your next vacation adventure, use these 7 tips to come home fitter than when you left.

Trick #1: Cut Your Carbs

Vacation days are notorious for carbohydrate rich meals, and it’s a
well-known fact that too many carbohydrates will quickly add up to
unwanted pounds. Combat this fat-trap by choosing one meal per day to go

  • Breakfast: This may be the most effective meal to use the carb-less
    trick, since breakfast often involves breads, pastries or pancakes. Skip
    the toast and fill up on egg whites and lean breakfast meats.
  • Lunch: A great carb-less lunch is a salad with lean meat. It’s so filling and satisfying that you won’t even miss the bread.
  • Dinner: Since you’re on vacation, you don’t want to feel deprived,
    so dinner is the hardest meal to go carb-less. But if you’ve indulged at
    breakfast and lunch then make it a point to cut the carbs at dinner.
    Stick with veggies and lean meats.

Trick #2: Be Active

If your travels keep you too
busy for a workout, or if your hotel does not have an exercise room,
make a conscious effort to be active everyday. Go on a brisk walk after
your day’s activities. This is a great way to see a new city, and also a
great way to burn off extra calories. Take the stairs instead of
elevator in your hotel and any other buildings you visit. Go on a short
jog in the mornings or evenings of your stay. If your hotel has a pool,
swim a few laps each morning or evening.

Trick #3: Indulge with Control

Eating out is a must while on vacation. Whether you’re visiting 5 star
restaurants or fast food diners, you are faced with the same problem:
large portions. While the easiest thing to do with a large portioned
meal is to simply eat it all – you are on vacation after all…right? –
that isn’t the best for your waist.

When you order your meal
ask the waiter or waitress to bring you a to-go box. Take half of your
meal and place it safely into the box before you even begin to eat. This
gives you no choice but to eat a healthy portion. If you would rather
not carry around a to-go box then ask that your entrée be made into a
smaller portion. If it is dinnertime ask for the lunch-sized entrée.

Trick #4: Don’t Eat Late

One of the easiest tricks for preventing weight loss is to simply stop
eating 3 hours before you go to bed. This is especially effective while
on vacation. So skip that late night indulgence and wake up looking and
feeling great.

Trick #5: Snack Healthy

Have you ever noticed how travel days create the perfect opportunity for
snacking? A coffee and muffin before your flight, a snack on the plane
and then before you know it – it’s lunch time! Taking a road trip? This
opens up even more opportunities for regrettable snacking…rest stop
vending machines, gas station quickie marts and of course the never
ending string of fast food restaurants along the highway.

summer cut unhealthy snacking off at the pass by brining along your own
healthy options. Dried or fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, health bars, cut
veggies and low fat crackers are a good start. By filling up on these
healthy snacks between meals you will end up eating less when presented
with a less-than-healthy meal.

Trick #6: Avoid Fried Foods

While fast food restaurants are definitely convenient, with their low
prices and quick service, this convenience is not worth the additional
pounds brought on by chips and fries. As you enjoy your vacation keep
this in mind: avoid fried foods. While this is always good advice to
follow, it is even more important to abide by while traveling.

While vacationing you will likely burn fewer calories each day than you
would burn at home, and you are consuming more calories due to your
schedule of eating out. You are walking a fine line, and eating fried
foods would throw you right over the edge. A gram of fat contains 9
calories as compared to the 4 calories that proteins and carbohydrates
carry – so you can see that consuming fried foods will drastically
increase your caloric intake.

If I still haven’t convinced you
to pass on the curly fries, keep in mind that heartburn and indigestion
are never fun…especially while on vacation!

Trick #7: Team up with a Pro – Yours Truly!

Well, fitness is my specialty…and since you are serious about
creating a healthy and fit physique – guarantee your results by teaming
up with me.

Together we will come up with a fitness plan that
is uniquely yours, one that fits your lifestyle and brings you promptly
to your goals – something that you will appreciate while on vacation and
at home.

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7 Universal Truths YOU May Want to Know About

Listen, there’s something you need to know about success……success in life, business, and personal development that you wont hear from anyone else. Far be it from me to tell you the ‘secret’ to happiness and life, since I’m still learning lessons everyday. But what I can teach you are the lessons I’ve learned so far in my life and from my experiences so that maybe you can use them as sort of a short cut for yourself. See, I’m one of those people who has messed up a lot in life…nothing big and tough like doing time or going bankrupt, or surviving three divorces. I’ve always been one of those kids who had to know what that button on the stove did, or how big of a fire I can make in the backyard (almost burned down our first house). And once I even tried making my first car, an old piece of crap Chevy something or other, faster by screwing with the engine and destroying the entire car in the process. I learn my lessons better by experience then by being told or taught… though I’m getting better at it In business I’ve always questioned the status quo. I routinely looked in other industries and applied concepts I saw working for them into my business… some worked, others worked really well, and many failed miserably. I’ve lost more money in trying new things then I wish to admit. Then there are the life lessons, mindset lessons, and lifestyle lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

– crabs (not the STD ones)
– the energy vampires
– negative self talk
– bad relationship/association with money
– trying to out smart the universe
– …and the list goes on

The funny thing is that no matter what the arena the lessons were learned in they transcended into every part of life; business, happiness, and personal success. For me these are the 7 universal truths of success in all aspects of life:

1)Understand the laws of the universe

This might sound a little woo woo to you, that’s fine with me, but I can tell you that you’ll ALWAYS get what you deserve in life, because you always get that which you focus on most – good or bad.
If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret” you might know what I mean. Sure, you can’t just sit there and wish for millions and expect the universe to manifest it for you. If that’s what you got from.

The Secret then just stop reading this now.

What I can tell you is that you have a lot more control in what you get in life than you think. Here’s how the universe works… if you want financial freedom in life, then make it your goal to helps others

get financial freedom. You want a thriving training business? Help 100 people get into the best shape of their life and watch what happens… connections happen, opportunity appear, and business will almost effortlessly grow. Ever think of an friend and suddenly your paths cross out of the blue? That’s the universe at work.

2)Relentlessly manage your time and energy
When I was operating my five training facilities I realized that I personally had two assets that had to be ruthlessly protected if I wanted a successful training business; my TIME and ENERGY. If I allowed others to eat up my time with bullshit stuff then I had to barrow more time from else where, like from my family time. And if I used up my efforts or energy on trivial stuff that I could have outsourced for $10/hr then I’d end up putting in half hearted effort in the critical things that mattered. Once you prioritize your time and energy, delegate trivial tasks and start saying NO more often to the things that aren’t aligned with your values, you’ll get more of what you want out of life, faster.

3)Be a value creator

At our most primal level we are designed to be attracted to those who add value to our lives, just like we’re designed to repel value extractors, people who only want to take and take. Zig Ziglar sums it up best by saying: “help as many people as you can get what they want, and you’ll get what you want.” This goes back to #1 above… the law of the universe. Plus it just plain feels good to add value to the lives of others. If you haven’t noticed, folks are willing to part with large sums of money if you can demonstrate a REAL value proposition.

4)Cut out the crabs and energy vampires

Look, we all have these people in our lives, people who are negative, always criticize, piss on your dreams, are scarcity minded, and have this bad energy about them that just kills your mojo. They could be family, friends, co-workers, or a spouse. Harsh words here… CUT THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

You’ve probably heard this before: You are the average of the five people who you surround yourself with the most.

5)The burning desire formula

Don’t just want something. Come with the burning desire that hell or high water YOU will achieve what you set out to achieve. When I used to dabble in person training I had two other jobs just to make ends meet. But once I committed to the thought and lit the fire of burning desire within me I created the most bad ass personal training business in the area. I charged the most, we delivered amazing results and practically every client referred their friends and family to us. Commit to your idea… don’t just ‘try’ it out.

6)Give a shit

This universal truth is actually the most simple, most powerful, and yet most misunderstood. Give a shit… I mean truly give a shit about what you do, the people you work with, your customers and clients, the people you love and how you interact with them, like REALLY GIVE A SHIT. It’s easy to act like you give a shit when people are watching, but what really counts is how you are when no one is watching. Just look at Facebook. If aliens came down from Mars tomorrow and only read Facebook status updates on all of us they’d conclude that we’re the most compassionate, caring, thoughtful and considerate beings in the solar system. Why? Because it’s Facebook and we know that everyone is watching. You get my point here, right?

7)Be cool

In my late teens and twenties I was a different person; scarcity minded, blamed others for my failures, and never took personal responsibility. I was anything but cool. These days my motto, if I chose to have one, is when in doubt, be cool. Over deliver on value. Exceeds people’s expectations. Don’t sweat the minor things. Learn to let go, and take time off to chill. Live in abundance, be prosperity minded, manage your emotions, and take personal responsibility. Like I said, these 7 universal truths have helped in all aspects of life. Hope one or two of them will do the same for you