New Year New You, Body Transformation Challenge!

We are getting ready to crank it up for 2012! Announcing the 4-week “New Year New You, Body Transformation Challenge!”

The 4-week challenge will start January 2nd and will run until January 28th.
Each participant will be judged on 4 criteria:
1.    % of fat loss
2.    % of weight loss
3.    % of circumference loss
4.    Before and After Pics

Prizes will awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners who make the most progress.
1st Prize = 1 Free Month of Maplewood Boot Camp + Foam Roll + A Set of 3 Athletic Resistance Bands (a $ 259 value)
2nd Prize = A Set of 3 Athletic Resistance Bands + Foam Roll (a $62 value)
3rd Prize = A Set Of 3 Athletic Resistance Bands (a $47 value)

How To Get Started:
1. You must be enrolled in our regular 2 or 3-day a week or unlimited Maplewood Boot Camp program that begins on Monday, January 2nd
2. Go to to register ($20 Fee)
3. Schedule your weekly body composition analysis (includes body fat, circumference, body weight measurements and pics.)

Follow the 3 steps above and you will be ready to start transforming your body!

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