Congratulations To All of Our Winners

[kc_heading_pac_19_font_3 size=”35″ color=”#d70000″ ]Congratulations[/kc_heading_pac_19_font_3]

Our first giveaway of 2013 was a huge success. We had 98 entries and over 102  social media shares. Thank you to everyone that participated.
We had so much fun that we will be announcing another giveaway very soon so stay tune.

[kc_heading_pac_19_background_1][kc_heading_pac_19_font_3 size=”35″ color=”#d70000″ ]Winners[/kc_heading_pac_19_font_3][/kc_heading_pac_19_background_1]

1. Angela F.- 1 month of unlimited Maplewood Boot Camps
2. Christina F. – $100 Gift Card
3. Viviana V. – Yoga Mat

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