Mini-Me 9-Week Body-Transformation Challenge!

[kc_heading_pac_16_pre_headline_11 size=”30″ color=”#d50000″ ]9 Week “Mini-Me” Kick Off![/kc_heading_pac_16_pre_headline_11]

The new Mini-Me 9-Week Body-Transformation Challenge will run from Monday, Feb 4th through Friday, Apr. 5th. This time around you will have two options to pick from: 18 sessions for $228 or 27 sessions for $268This cost is 50% off the regular price of boot camp! You will be able to attend boot camp 2 or 3 times per week (depending on if you’ve signed up for 18 or 27 sessions) for 9 weeks and you’ll have access to our online nutrition and fitness management software. The nutrition component includes suggested meal plans with fat and calorie counts as well as more than 1,600 recipes, and the fitness component will allow you to enter and track your progress along the way. If you’re not already signed up for boot camp, what are you waiting for? Space is limited to only 20 campers.

Click here to sign up for 18 sessions for $228

Click here to sign up for 27 sessions for $268

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