9 Reasons Your Sex Drive Is Dead

Wondering what has taken away that overzealous sex drive? Wonder no more.

She still looks amazing. He’s still got the old charm. So what happened to the fire? The passion? The desire to be intimate? If you’ve lost that love and feeling, it may be because of one of these nine sex drive killers.

Killer 1: Depression

It’s a sad but true fact of life that one of the biggest killers of sexual drive is depression. If you’ve ever suffered bouts of depression, you know that you don’t feel like doing anything when you’re depressed – even having sex. If depression stays around long enough, your sexual drive can hit rock bottom, putting a strain on your relationships.

Killer 2: Stress

Need another reason to get to the gym to work off stress? How about this one: that excess, debilitating stress hanging around your neck is also keeping you from wanting to hit the sack with your sweet thing. Usually, your sexual drive will return after the weight of your stressors is removed, but it can have lasting negative impact if the stress sticks around long enough.

Killer 3: Medications

Though medication can make your life much better and help you stay healthier, some come with the unwanted side effect of reduced sexual drive. Some of the most common culprits include birth control and anti-depressants. If you suspect your medication has reduced your sex drive, talk with your physician about alternative medications that may allow you to retain your passion.

Killer 4: Relationship Woes

Believe it or not, good sex won’t heal a bad relationship. In fact, if your relationship with your partner isn’t solid, you probably aren’t too interested in making love with him or her. In order to avoid a decrease in your sex drive, you’ll need to first heal your relationship – not the other way around.

I admit I have a tremendous sex drive. My boyfriend lives 40 miles away.
Phyllis Diller

Killer 5: Body Problems

Some people feel great about their bodies. They’re not concerned with how it looks or how it’s changed over the years. For other people, worrying about the extra pounds picked up over the last 10 years makes it difficult to get in the mood for sex. Regaining confidence will help you regain sexual drive.

Killer 6: Years

As you may suspect, aging is enough to reduce your sex drive. Not that you feel repulsed or turned off by your special someone, but aging simply changes people. One of the most obvious signs of this change is menopause, which can greatly diminish a woman’s sex drive.

Killer 7: Alcoholism

While moderate amounts of alcohol may help you relax and enjoy sex with your partner, abusing alcohol is another story. If you binge drink or get drunk on a regular basis, you’re putting more than your liver at risk. You’re also putting your sex drive in harm’s way.

Killer 8: Babies

Following childbirth, women need to recover. However, even after several weeks or months of recovery, some women are too exhausted to think about having sex. On top of that, sex can be uncomfortable after childbirth. Also, men who play a very active role in raising his newborn can also experience a drop in sex drive, as he, too, will feel exhausted.

Killer 9: Sexual History

A sexual history that has any hints of sexual abuse can cause you to hold back when it comes time to make love. Though sexual trauma can be very difficult to overcome, many people who have been sexually abused earlier in life go on to lead normal, productive lives. They are also able to have healthy sex lives.

Enhance and Enjoy

If your sex drive is fine but you’d still like to take your sexual desires to another level, there are a number of ways to do it without expensive medications. To give your libido a little boost, use the following techniques:

  • eat the right foods (almonds, bananas, raw oysters, and chocolate are good options)
  • get fit (working out reduces sex-drive-killing stress, increases confidence, and improves blood flow)
  • be romantic (a candlelit dinner or a movie night snuggling on the couch will put you both in the mood)
  • feel the beat (listening to music from your days of high sex drive can boost your drive)
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