Game On! Diet Challenge Lose Weight While Kicking Your Friends Butt

We are gearing up for our next Game On! Diet Challenge starting
next Monday April 19th.

When we held our first Game On! Diet Challenge it was an eye opening
experience for everyone involved, both participants and bystanders.

The team aspect held campers accountable and got everyone’s competitive
juices flowing!

Az Ferguson, co-auther of the book and “Body-for-Life Million
Dollar Champion”came out to Maplewood and led our Maplewood Boot Camp.

Both he and co-author Krista Vernoff held coaching calls with our
campers as well.

In addition, we were featured on CBS News, the New York Times Local,
Maplewood Patch and more.

Some of our campers were also asked to go to the Good Morning America
studios for an interview.

Well, we’re at it again. Our next Maplewood Boot Camp starts this
Saturday April. 17th.

We will officially start the Game On! Diet Challenge on Monday
April 19th and it will end on May 16th. All campers interested will
be placed onto teams.

The first 20 people to sign up for camp will get  a complimentary
copy of the Game On! Diet book and 20% off any boot camp purchase
of $267 or more. Use the coupon code GAMEON at checkout.

The Game On! Diet Challenge Is On, Are You Ready?

Our next Game On! Diet Challenge will run from August. 2nd- August. 30th.
There is no extra fee to participate but you must be enrolled in camp.

This will be a great opportunity for you to shed some extra fat before the end of summer.

We’re putting teams together now so don’t wait.

The Game On! Diet turns the process of getting

mentally and physically fit into a fun, fierce, wildly
competitive GAME that brings people together and gets results.

And now it’s YOUR turn to PLAY!!

We had a great coaching call with the authors of the book and they answered A LOT of our questions about how the game is played.

Click on the “Authors on Air” widget above to hear the interview and
get motivated!

We earn points by:

  1. Exercising at least 20 minutes a day
  2. Sleeping 7 hours a night
  3. Drinking 3 liters of water a day
  4. Dropping one unhealthy habit
  5. Starting one healthy habit
  6. Communicating with your team members every day
  7. Eating 5 small balanced meals a day
We get one day off a week and one meal off a week, so it’s not about total deprivation
It’s about earning points for yourself and your team and kicking the other team’s butt!!!
I highly recommend that you plan out your meals for the week and shop ahead of time to ensure you can keep to the plan and the schedule.
Click on the Amazon link below to search inside the book.

The Game On! Diet: Kick Your Friend’s Butt While Shrinking Your Own

At the end, not only will the winning team receive a handsome reward, but you’ll feel thinner and healthier than ever!